Be the Spotify of your own industry and make more money! E’s is a software for monthly subscription businesses - and as the name suggests, we aim to make your business easy!

Why choose Subscription Economy? 


The most important benefit of understanding Subscription Business is its predictability. It also improves customer retention and makes your cash flow more reliable.

The change has already happened

Subscription economy is spreading like wildfire in the business world. Customers are loving this model as well as companies in different fields.

Change in customer behaviour

People have changed their way of buying: we want to own less. We no longer buy DVDs - we have Netflix. We don’t listen to an album on a CD - we use Spotify. We can even get coffee delivered to our homes.

Make more money with subscription business

Start a new business with subscriptions in mind or pivot your existing business to a more subscription oriented one, E’s is your guide and your way forward to success. More sales, faster cash flow and more efficient concept for a service business. 

Scale your business to a whole new level

Subscription economy is the future of business and the way to grow and serve your customers in a better way. E’s combines sales, marketing, customer experience and service and more under one software. You only need E’s and an idea!

Build better customer retention with flexible subscription models

The mindset behind the subscription business model is that good for the business should also mean good for the customer. Our goal with E’s is to make the end users and also your, our customers, user experience easy. 

“96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.”

With E’s you make more money, your customer loyalty and retention is better and your cash flow is steady. Our software is a solution for many problems and areas in your business: you can store, sign and make offers and contracts. You can manage your customers but in addition your customers can view and change their own contracts in the self service portal. E’s also has an effective dashboard for sales development and plenty of reporting tools for different interest groups. 

10-15 %

Predicted annual growth of subscription economy

5-8x growth

The growth for subscription businesses is 5 to 8 times faster than it is for traditional businesses.

6% growth

Manufacturing as a field has been experiencing slow growth due to the pandemic. Manufacturing has been facing sales declines by nearly 14% as the subscription business model has gained some companies 6% growth in sales.

This E’s the best thing ever!

E’s makes subscription business easy - for you and for your customers' benefit. 

Modern sales experience! Your customer can buy and change their subscription plan with ease in the self service portal

Digital contracts - no more paperwork! 

More effective sales and faster cash flow

Integrations to your existing platforms and systems

E’s supports your growth and is scalable when your business grows

Our pricing model is fair - we only make money when you make money!