All you need in one software

The key features of E’s Your Business

Sales dashboard for service products

Lead your service product sales with data. Make the right decisions at the right time with your products and services and make your sales process fit your company.

CRM & customer lifecycle

With E’s CARE you can modify your customer data and accounts one by one or as a group. When you view your customer’s accounts you can see all actions on this account.

Product management

You can manage and create multiple car maintenance service contracts and lead these to the right vehicles. Creating new products in this system is easy and convenient with our 'copy a product' function.

Marketing automation

Remarketing to potential customers that have had an offer from you has never been this easy! With E’s CARE you can communicate with these potential future customers and also with your current customers and make the buying process convenient for them.

Discounts and campaigns

E’s CARE makes pricing and discounts flexible and manageable. You can create special offers for a fixed time period to a specific customer and this makes the whole process nice and uncomplicated. 

Reporting and Dashboard

Front page dashboard is the key to a better business. You can modify your view and also set up different views for different positions in your organisation. With our dashboard compare business units and make decisions based on data!

Receivables and controlling

E’s CARE has a build-in tool for receivables control and debt collection. Our software also produces needed documentation for accounting.

Credit card payments

Recurring credit card payments are the way to go when you want to offer easy to buy solutions to your customers. After the first order payments are automated and this makes your cash flow quicker and also elevates the customer experience.  

Payment schedule

With E’s you can manage payment plans and visualize your future cash flow. This tool and business model makes your business more predictable.

Online sales

It is essential to create an uninterrupted flow to your sales process and it is important that your customer can make the buying decision on the spot. With E’s there is no need to have a salesman to verify that the deal is acceptable. You can set certain preconditions to your process and when these are met, your customer can make the purchase online.

Customer service for billing

E’s offers a customer service for the end user concerning billing issues. Our associates are happy to help with billing related issues.

Accounts receivables

For accounting accounts receivables is an essential feature. This is why we have focused on creating this feature and you can find all the necessary reports in our software.

Self service portal

Our self-service portal allows your customer to manage their accounts details and make contract changes by themselves. This saves your valuable time! E’s uses strong authentication for login and for signing contracts.

Electronic signature

With our software you can sign binding contracts with electronic signatures. This is a secure way to form contracts with your customers and it makes your customer service faster and more efficient.

Electronic archives

E’s is the way to make your business easy and electronic archives is just that! This is the feature that makes your business paperless and is GDPR compatible and safe to use.

Product pricing

With E’s you have full control over pricing for different tiers of your service and you can make the pricing rules as you wish. Also pricing for extra services outside these pricing tiers is easy!

Contract management

All business contracts in one single view. Contracts can be filtered by various preset parameters and be searched by contract number or by customer name.

Our pricing is based on monthly usage and is fair. This way we bill you only when you have more business!

We as a software provider take care of maintenance and that E’s SaaS is up to date and ready to use all times.

Our software is mobile friendly and system independent. We have no starting costs.

Our subscription business professionals can tell you more about these topics!